Summit Themes

Key Theme:

Bringing together evidence, implementation, policy, and politics:

Towards a better future for all

Improving outcomes across communities is best achieved through the use of high-quality evidence that is implemented well. In order to achieve this, systems, policy and political environments need to be hospitable to evidence informed approaches and what it takes to achieve effective and sustainable implementation in the real world.  At EIS 2021, we will explore the intersections of evidence, implementation science, policy and politics and how we can bring these sectors together to realise a better future for all.

Sub Themes:

1.   Fast, good, cheap - choose two! Generating and implementing rigorous policy and practice-ready evidence

EIS theme 1.png

The trade-off between time, cost and quality is a challenge faced by grant-makers, funders, and those who generate and support the implementation of evidence.  This Summit theme explores the challenge of accessing and implementing timely, high quality evidence and innovative approaches that aim to deliver evidence to the people who need to use it - faster.

2.   Context counts: translation, adaptation and transportability of evidence across people, place, culture and systems


Evidence is not always portable across contexts and may need to be adapted to systems and culture to be effective. How can solutions be both informed by evidence and allow for flexibility to context, and how does implementation science achieve this in real world settings? This Summit theme explores the importance of context.

3.   Core competencies for evidence synthesis, translation and implementation practice and science

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How can we better equip the evidence and implementation workforce? What core competencies will be required to synthesise and translate evidence into practice as we move forward in implementation science?

4.   Innovation in implementation science, evaluation design, evidence synthesis, scaling up

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New approaches to utilising and implementing evidence require innovation in design, synthesis, research, evaluation and scale-up. This Summit theme explores new and emerging methodologies and approaches that focus on advancing the generation, implementation, and use of evidence.

5.   Building a better future: Systems change for complex problems such as poverty, inequality, climate change, mass migration


What role can evidence and implementation science play, alongside politics and policy, to help with the systems-level changes we will require to face new and complex challenges in the future? How can investment in evidence and implementation contribute toward building a better future? How can evidence and implementation science drive the systems changes that are required to address these complex global issues?