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EIS 2023 Summit Themes

Key Theme: Implementing evidence for real-world impact: How far have we come and where are we going?

EIS 2023 marks 12 years since the first Summit, posing the question: ‘How far have we come? And where are we going?' Implementation leaders and learners are invited to debate how we can best apply high-quality evidence to create more effective policies and programs, with the power to improve outcomes for individuals and families.


We will examine the synthesis, generation, translation, and implementation of evidence into policy and practice. With more and more people facing adversity, closing the ‘know-do’ gap has never been more important or urgent.


Sub Themes:

1. Some are more equal than others: Addressing inequalities through evidence and implementation

Inequality is on the rise globally. Good evidence and effective implementation of high-quality policies, services and practices should play a key role in reversing this trend. What perspectives and methods could be useful? What lessons are to be learned from policy, practice, research and lived experience?

2. Context counts: Translation, adaption, and transportability of evidence across people, place, culture and systems

For evidence to be effective, it needs to be portable across contexts and adaptable to diverse systems and cultures. This theme explores the importance of context, how evidence-informed solutions can be both rigorous and flexible, and how implementation science can help achieve this in real-world settings.

3. What works and how to do it: Evaluating implementation and impact 

Impact is only half of the story. To drive large-scale change, we need to know not just what works, but how to make things work through effective implementation. This theme explores advances in the evaluation of implementation and impact, and how hybrid designs can drive real-time implementation improvement.

4. Zero to 100: Sustainment and scaling 

Interest in scaling is rapidly growing, while sustainment remains a vital but neglected aspect of implementation. In this theme, we consider the factors underpinning scaling success and failure. What makes an innovation 'scalable' and what supports sustainment?

5. Implementation and de-implementation strategies

We know that active implementation support is essential – but it is also resource-intensive. This theme considers which implementation strategies are 'best bets' and how to determine the 'minimal viable product' when it comes to implementation support. We also turn our attention to de-implementation – why things that don't work might be sustained and how to de-implement them.

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