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Summit 2021

EIS 2021 was held entirely online, bringing together a wide network

of global contributors and registrants, regardless of location.

See below for highlights of the event, held 30-31 March 2021.

How policy, implementation, evidence, and politics come together to improve the future of millions of South Africans

Professor Ruth Stewart, Africa Centre for Evidence

Beyond common elements: Designing evidence appliances in the age of semantic knowledge

Professor Bruce Chorpita, University of California

Speaking truth to power – but are they listening?

Professor John Thwaites, Monash University

Future directions to improve healthcare systems

Professor Mary Dixon-Woods, THIS Institute

The promise and pitfalls of co-creation

Dr Ruth Levine, IDinsight

Implementation science and behavioural insights: Better together than apart?

Dr Robyn Mildon (Centre for Evidence and Implementation), Dr Rinad Beidas (Pennsylvania University), Dr Joanne Yoong (Research for Impact) & Dr Alex Gyani (Behavioural Insights Team)

'Harnessing implementation science to realize the promise of evidence based practice in mental health care

Dr Rinad Beidas, University of Pennsylvania

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