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Wednesday 17 June

10.00 - 11.00am  (AEST)
12.00 - 1.00am (UTC)
1.00 - 2.00am (BST)

8.00 - 9.00pm (EASTERN - 1)

Introducing the Evidence and Implementation Summit Virtual Series: three webinars hosted by the Centre for Evidence and Implementation and Monash University in the lead up to our March 2021 Evidence and Implementation Summit. The webinars, along with the pre-Summit workshops, will enable dialogue around some of the most pertinent topics and issues facing the evidence and implementation sectors, and enable a global audience to hear from researchers, practitioners, leaders and policy makers involved in implementing evidence-based programs and practices.

There will be no charge for the webinars.  We welcome your early registration. 

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Webinar One

Implementation science: the third decade 

Webinar Two

The need for speed: innovations in evaluation

design for practice and policy

Webinar Three


Pre-Summit Workshops


Wednesday 27 May 2020

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Monday 29 March 2021

The need for speed: innovations in evaluation design for practice and policy. 

17 June 2020 - 10.00 to 11.00am AEST

The Centre for Evidence and Implementation and Monash University are delighted to present the second of three free webinars in the EIS Virtual Series and warmly welcome you to a conversation with Dr Geoffrey Curran. Dr Curran is Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Psychiatry at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Director of the Center for Implementation Research. The Center is devoted to developing and testing implementation strategies across a wide range of service contexts, assisting with the implementation of practices within community practices, and training the next generation of implementation scientists. Dr Curran has written widely on research design and methodology in implementation science and perhaps best known for his work in hybrid design. 

In 2012 Dr Curran and colleagues critiqued the issues inherent in the traditional processes used to translate evidence into policy and practice. Hybrid design can speed up these processes by tackling the last two phases of the implementation process - whether an intervention works, and how to make it work in practice - at the same time. The goal is to create new evidence around what makes promising ideas work on the ground, generating insights that are more useful for professionals and leaders tasked with enacting policy, and getting evidence-based approaches into practice more quickly.


Please join Dr Geoffrey Curran and interviewer Dr Robyn Mildon, Executive Director of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation, in a conversation exploring the methods and design landscape. This session will look broadly at the importance of innovation, experimentation and methods, and at hybrid designs in particular. This webinar aims to deliver insights for policymakers and practitioners who work with evidence, who look to implement good evidence into widespread practice, and who commission evaluation globally.                


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